Who I Am


Best of wives, best of women? Eh. But I’m living life in love with and loved by my best friend.


Who needs an alarm clock when my toddler will happily wake me up at 4:30a with a smile and a “Snack, please!?”


For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of salvation for those who believe.-Romans 1:16.


What a privilege it is for my vocation and occupation to be one in the same!


Not a title. Not a competition. A responsibility.


Poetry. Prose. Lesson plans. Grant proposals. Professional developments.


This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine


“I never like history, but with you are different. You make learning an adventure! I love you!”-Student, ESL U.S. History



“You are one of the most wonderful teachers I have yet to encounter! Your enthusiasm is beyond words and I appreciate your attention to detail. What a gem!” C. Medina, Parent



“You were very passionate and prepared. Thank you for making me feel like these tools might allow me to recapture my life!” Educator, Connect The Dots #Teachnology PD



#NotEveryTeacher A love letter to my co-laborers in the field of education. We see you. We need you. We appreciate you. Thank you.  Yours in Prayer and Pedagogy,                Read more…

The Gift of Nothing

I walked up to my locker and put in my generic locker combination. When I opened the door, I was staring at a cache of belongings and devices that were definitely not mine.

Name Calling

Name Calling I stopped scrolling. This beautiful brown face with a bright smile was staring back at me. A deep sadness struck my heart when I read the article’s title under her name. “Bullied Teen Read more…

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