#NotEveryTeacher A love letter to my co-laborers in the field of education. We see you. We need you. We appreciate
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The Gift of Nothing
I walked up to my locker and put in my generic locker combination. When I opened the door, I was
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Somebody Had To Say It
Coronavirus. COVID-19. The Rona. Whatever you call it, it is here and all of our lives will forever be impacted
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Name Calling
Name Calling I stopped scrolling. This beautiful brown face with a bright smile was staring back at me. A deep
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Weight on Him
Weight On Him  It’s that moment. That critical moment. You’re teetering on the edge of freedom, the ability to breathe
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Jesus was tired, too.
Jesus Was Tired, Too. Teaching. We know this profession is exhausting. Lesson planning, team meetings, after school functions, early morning
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